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Same problem

I am having a similar issue, a few days ago I found my X-Wing Alliance Cd and decided to play it. I installed it and played it just fine for a few days then all of the sudden I got a BSOD. The BSOD referenced the video card, I restarted and tried to reload the game but then I got an error that said no 3d hardware found switching to software mode. I have un-installed/re-installed both Xwing and my video drivers and I keep getting the same error. I also reinstalled DX9.0c. I can not install Xwing without the 2.0.2 patch as it is included with my game. I have had no issues up until that BSOD. Any ideas?

AMD XP 3200
ATi 9800 Pro (latest drivers as of 4-25-07)
XP Pro Sp2
XWA w/2.0.2 English

Thank you
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