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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Very interesting theory you've got there, Jediphile - it makes Nihilus seem much more spooky than most others have.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I like it, but there's a couple parts I'm not sure about, mainly Nihilus being able to achieve sentience, as Force connections by themselves aren't living things - they're more like personality traits or talents a person has than living things. How do you think that went about happening?
Well, it's a combination of things, I assume. For one thing, this makes the exile like a split personality (or mutliple personality disorder), except there are only two - Nihilus and the exile. And they are not equal. Nihilus is only like 1 to 5 percent of the total - so little that the exile doesn't even realise he's "gone".

And note how Nihilus is consistently described as a primal form of life, almost devoid of intelligence.

Kreia: "There is no strength in the hunger he possesses... and the will behind his power is a primal thing. And it devours him as he devours others - his mere presence kills all around him, slowly, feeding him. He is already dead, it is simply a question of how many he kills before he falls."

But I also think this "spark of life" gained some intelligence from the body I believe it animated and used as a host for itself to exist within. Even so, Nihilus is and remains a soulless entity that reacts almost purely on instinct and not basis of logic that we can fathom.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I'm also curious as to what you think Nihilus was doing during the time between Malachor V and TSL.
He was trapped on Malachor V, I'd say. But he found the Trayus Academy and learned many of its secrets, which I believe he, or it, used to learn how to extend his own life at the expense of the force of others.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Still, this theory makes Nihilus seem much darker than the others. I love the idea of the Force imposing its will to the point of creating a monster like him, who is grotesquely trying to carry out its will, but only consuming it in the process. Very kewl!
Yeah, I like it too. And I do point out that it is only my interpretation of what is already in the game. Maybe it's not what Avellone had in mind, but if it is, then yeah, it's pretty kewl

Originally Posted by KyleOfHarpenden
Also Visas said 'Ive heard tales of Malachore' so that must mean that Nihilus was there on Malachore but who did she hear the tales from?
In fact, we know that he was on Malachor:

[Description of the Nihilus Mask] "You have taken this trophy from the remains of Darth Nihilus - it is the last surviving piece of the beast who died and was reborn in the shattered world of Malachor V. By taking it from him, you have gained a stronger tie to the Force."

To my knowledge, this is actually the only time that Nihilus' name is ever used in the game.

As for Visas, if she didn't hear about it from Nihilus himself, then she probably heard a lot about it from all the jedi on Katarr. They might not have been there, but they sure have heard of it, I'd say.

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