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A game developer in it to make money? Say it ain't so!

LucasArts are not unique among devs when it comes to drawing a line somewhere in terms of ongoing development of a title (patches etc). What you are referring to isn't support.

They are also not unique with respect to putting a solid title out there that does not (in addition to vanilla gameplay) slice, dice or do your taxes. Like every other game I can think of, they leave it to the community to tweak/improve gameplay and/or indulge the whims of players and server admins. How much money does LucasArts make from the multiplayer facet of a 4 year old game? Ummmm right.

If you made video games for a living would you dedicate costly manpower to patching four year old games that stop generating revenue long ago or would you allocate those resources to the development of new, commercially viable titles?

Unless you are prepared to explore the dedicated, quality work and efforts put forth by the modding community, you are stuck. You are entitled to complain but you aren't entitled to a patch. ;-)
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