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Jediphile already knows what I think of the theory. Itís awesome!

Hey, what if youíre the reason why KotOR III may not be made, or may not be a follow up of TSL if itís made?!?

I know that Avellone said he had a KotOR III plot in mind when he was writing TSL, because he told me when I asked him via email. Now, Iíve read your KotOR III plot suggestion, and you see, I think the KotOR III plot Avellone has in mind isnít too different than your own KotOR III plot suggestion.

Maybe one of the developers at Obsidian read your theory about Darth Nihilus being a dark manifestation of the Exile, and your other theory of Revan orchestrating and fighting in a civil war amongst the True Sith in the unknown regions.

Perhaps thatís what Obsidian and LucasArts are in talks about. They could be accused of plagiarizing. They want to do a story about the True Sith and so on, but now they have to come up with a different story, since their two main ideas have been exposed by you.

If they used the civil war idea and the Nihilus idea in KotOR III, then those whoíve read the two ideas arenít going to be surprised. Perhaps youíve caused the delay, because Obsidianís been forced to come up with a new story.

Just joking. Well you never know, that could be the reason.

I mean, they could still use the civil war idea and the Nihilus idea in KotOR III. If no spoilers are leaked prior to the games release, there will be no problem. We donít know whatís going to happen in the plot the first time we play KotOR III, unless the developers are as unsubtle as BioWare were with KotOR in my opinion.

All Obsidian has to do is somehow give us whoíve read the civil war idea and the Nihilus idea the illusion that theyíre not using those ideas in the gameÖ when in actual fact they are.

They canít really be subtle about the Nihilus idea though; since there are many clues (as Jediphile has pointed out in his rambling) in TSL. In factÖ yeah good luck trying to cover up both plot twists Obsidian, if you decide to use them.

All this of course, is based on the assumption that KotOR III will be made, it will be made by Obsidian and it will be a follow up of TSL.

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