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Originally Posted by Rye Rye Rocco
You might if you weren't some fat loser who spends all his time online using the same formulaic posts.

'I think (insert current popular actor name here) would be good playing (insert obligatory character here) because I have no creative ideas of my own so I have to go for the easiest, most obvious choice.'

Like, I don't know, say Scarlet Johannson as Elaine. What are you, twelve!?!

'Derp, and what if we were to cast Largo!?! Wow, what a unique idea, I can't believe no one has posed the idea of Largo yet! Thank GOD you're here Joshi, Largo would have been completely forgotten if you weren't too fat to leave your computer.

Wait, what if we were to cast Walley!?! OOOh, that would be fun, or WHAT IF we were to cast Murray!?! WOW, this is fun. I like pretending to be Joshi, all these sweet ideas coming to me! WAIT, I got it, WHAT IF we casted GUYBRUSH!?! Who could we get to play Guybrush!?! Scarlett Johannson maybe?
Okay, dude, seriously! You're taking it too far. I realise you're new, but insulting other people on the Lucas Forums is not allowed. In fact it is a huge offense.
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