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You are right that lucasarts doesnt make money on multiplayer games, but they dont host the servers, we do, I do and am having problems with my server, players keep crashing my server so they can call them selfs for hackers (idiots).
We pay for the power that the server is using, we pay for new hardware that stops
working ( sometime they work forever ).
We pay Windows licens too.
In 2004 i had bufferover flow problem, players keept crashing. Wanted help from Lucasarts, well i got same answer "Updated drivers ?, virus scan ? bla bla bla"
I have a Virus scanner ( also costs me, not Lucasarts )
I have a firewall too ( I have to pay for that too, not lucasarts )
Yes directx is also installed and newest drivers and so on, same messages from 2004 to 2007.
I would say its about money and bad decisions from higher employs.

2006/7 new bug found, i can understand that they wont fix that, the game is old.
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