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Atleast I CAN leave. Here it is years later and you're still spending your entire life at the Monkey Island forum. Haven't you wanted to achieve anything in your life other than a high post count? Almost seven thousand now. Does that give you a sense of accomplishment? Does it keep you warm at night knowing you've had the distinct honor of spreading your "wisdom" to so many people you don't know and won't even miss you if you suddenly left? I mean sure, they might say, 'where's Joshi? I haven't seen him around for a while.' and for about a week the "Where's Joshi" thread would stay alive but when you never showed up again the thread would die and the forum would go on with business as usual and NO ONE would even notice you ever existed. There is a very distinct line between being a fan and being a fanatic, and you my friend are so far gone you can't even remember there ever being a line. It's just a video game Joshi, let it go.
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