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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
just noticed another problem with this theory and it kinda debunks the theory entirely. Darth Nihilus was one of Kreia's students/partners in the triumverant until Sion and Nihilus decided to overthrow her.

Furthermore, Kreia states that, "He if he can truely be called a man any longer..." This implies she knows whom Nihilus was before he became Nihilus.

So I don't think Nihilus is part of the exile.
Could be. But there's another way around. She also claims that the exile isn't human if I recall it coreectly..something like..."You are a being the Universe isn't ready for yet."
All those times she talks about Nihilus, it's almost like...she's feeling guilty of some sort. She doesn't hate him like she hates and manipulates Sion.
And another 'proof' of evidence: Kreia knows so much about the Exile, and how to unlock his powers. Possibly because, like you said, she trained Nihilus as well. That means she'd just have to do it all over again, the same teachings she gave to Nihilus.

And we KNOW she did, because you (The Exile) siphon powers of others through the Force, to become stronger (level up). Nihilus does the same, on planetary scale.

Furthermore, let's look at the name 'Nihilus.' It means 'nothing' right? Why not call him Darth *insert random terrifying name*? I think the 'Nihilus' part says enough

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