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Originally Posted by Ztalker
Could be. But there's another way around. She also claims that the exile isn't human if I recall it coreectly..something like..."You are a being the Universe isn't ready for yet."
Which would fit with her goals of fighting the will of the force.

Originally Posted by Ztalker
All those times she talks about Nihilus, it's almost like...she's feeling guilty of some sort. She doesn't hate him like she hates and manipulates Sion.
And another 'proof' of evidence: Kreia knows so much about the Exile, and how to unlock his powers. Possibly because, like you said, she trained Nihilus as well. That means she'd just have to do it all over again, the same teachings she gave to Nihilus.

And we KNOW she did, because you (The Exile) siphon powers of others through the Force, to become stronger (level up). Nihilus does the same, on planetary scale.
Yes, and the reason seems obvious to me. She trained Nihilus, but he has a power that she doesn't possess herself - he is a wound in the force, just like the exile. I suspect Kreia "trained" him - such as she can - in the hopes of manipulating him and using him like a weapon in her war against the will of the force. But he betrayed her and cast her out, and only then did she realise what she had unleashed upon the galaxy. Kreia wants revenge against Nihilus for his betrayal, but that's not all - she NEEDS him to be stopped, because could destroy the entire galaxy, and even if Kreia hates the force, she does not what to be the cause of that. Remember, Kreia hates the force because she thinks its will is an oppressive force in the universe.

Kreia: "It is said that the Force has a will, it has a destiny for us all. I wield it, but it uses us all, and that is abhorrent to me. Because I hate the Force. I hate that it seems to have a will, that it would control us to achieve some measure of balance, when countless lives are lost.But in you... I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will. And that is what pleases me.You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied. I use it as I would use a poison, and in the hopes of understanding it, I will learn the way to kill it."

What Kreia says about the exile here, especially the marked passages, are just as true for Nihilus, I think.

So when he turned against her, she sought out the original source - the exile.

Originally Posted by Ztalker
Furthermore, let's look at the name 'Nihilus.' It means 'nothing' right? Why not call him Darth *insert random terrifying name*? I think the 'Nihilus' part says enough
Says quite clearly what he is, doesn't it?

Originally Posted by Angelos Kumani
Jediphile execellent theory, kudos!

Originally Posted by Angelos Kumani
But to remind you we know of at least one of the Exile's master...Kavar. If you remember the first meeting with Kavar on Onderon, he calls the Exile his old padawan I believe...
He does call the exile "an old student" in a cutscene with Talia and can say these things when you talk (if LS)...

"You always had deep connections to the Force. I am glad to see that it is once again your ally. When I first sparred with you during your training as a Padawan, I could tell that you were different. And it wasn't just your strong connection to the Force.The difficulties you surmounted to get here. You must have many questions. You deserve answers.That sounds like the bond that often forms between Master and apprentice. But to that degree... ?You always did form connections to others, strong ones, even when you were a student. But what you are describing is beyond me.I'm sure others in the Jedi Council would be able to assist you. If you could find them.So you heard what we said? These questions I cannot answer. This is something the Council must answer, not I.You must understand . This is hard for me, especially after all you've done. But it is necessary.Did you know that when I was training you I considered making you my Padawan? I didn't. The demands of the Jedi Council were too great."

So Kavar sparred with the exile, but they were never master and padawan, even though Kavar did consider it.

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