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No, see Rye, that would be outright insulting someone. I said you're acting like a dickhead, which is exactly what you're doing. Just like if I smacked you down right away by deleting your posts and banning you, it'd probably be fair to call me a power-crazed moron.

I have no idea what you're trying to accomplish here, but if you are a regular smurfing why not admit it? I can't see why else you would know so much about Joshi and indeed have such a personal thing against him.

At first you kind of had a point with the "Man, talking about actors again?" thing, but your continued returns to attack members here indicate that you've clearly taken something a bit too personally in the past. If I honestly thought everyone on a forum was an idiot then I'd just leave and never look back; what is it about this place that has ruffled your feather so badly? Heh.

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