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Tung, you missed my point. It wasn't that I think the whole "who should play who" discussion is worthless, my point was that Joshi is worthless. Allegedly.

Now, Thrik, I respect your little pussy stance on not being a fascist dictator and all, but please don't claim I've done something I have not. Both 'Tung and yourself said I was insulting or attacking memberS, or everyone who doesn't agree with me. Not members. Member. Joshi. Just Joshi. Ofcourse I DID just call you a pussy, so I guess I just fulfulled that one. Come on, ban me! This will not stand, this agression will not stand man!

So outright insulting someone is not good? So I can't call Joshi a knuckle-dragger? That would be considered wrong?

Yeah, and I just love all the people who post their two-cent message telling us how they aren't going to get involved.
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