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Or another theory is… Jediphile is Jim (Darth) Ward, the guy from LucasArts!

He’s made a lot of articulate pro-Obsidian/stuff you LA posts on this forum and the Obsidian forum back in the day in regards to the cut content incident most of us know all too well about… but that’s just his idea of giving us the illusion that he’s not from LA and had nothing to do with the cut content kafuffle!

Then, Obsidian is keen to make KotOR III. They have a plot in mind. Jediphile Ward has some guys “on the inside” spying on Obsidian, in an effort to find out their KotOR III plot.

Once he finds out the plot Obsidian has in mind, he joins the Obsidian forum disguised as someone who is just a fan of KotOR and TSL, who has many eloquent and interesting things to say about the games.

He then proceeds to do a KotOR III plot suggestion and post it on the Obsidian boards… which in actual fact is the plot Obsidian wanted to do! He then bribes a developer to read the plot, and tell his fellow Obsidian workers that their plot has somehow been leaked!

They can’t go ahead with the plot they had in mind, because they might get accused of plagiarizing. So when LA asks them “Are you ready to begin developing KotOR III?” Obsidian says no. They tell LA the bad news, and have to come up with a new plot again before they begin developing the game.

So KotOR III is delayed. Behind the scenes Jediphile Ward is laughing like Palpatine. You see, he doesn’t want KotOR III to be made. But instead of telling the fans straight up that KotOR III won’t be made… he wants to make the fans suffer, by making them go through years of this torment “We’re in talks with Obsidian to do KotOR III.”

In reality, every time Obsidian comes up with a new plot… it will be leaked to the public, and KotOR III will be “delayed” until the point where LA comes out… in Christmas 2013 and says “We regret to announce that KotOR III has been cancelled. It will not be made. Sorry.”

It all began back in an anonymous time in 2004, where months into the development of KotOR II: TSL, Jediphile Ward was turned to the dark side. You see, when he played KotOR for the first time sometime in 04… he heard Malak laugh, and it made him go insane, and then he became evil and… decided to break the hearts of thousands of TSL fans by deliberately cutting two months from Obsidian’s development schedule so that it would screw up the latter stages of the game.

Sound reasonable?

This is all a joke, of course. That's why there's a lol smiley.

On topic: terrific theory that is.

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