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Spiderman 3 - Thoughts and Opinions

Spiderman 3 is the third installment of the Spiderman movie series. Spiderman 3 brings in a few new villains in these movies. There is Sandman/Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church). Also, Venom/Eddie Brock (Topher Grace) and returning is Harry Osborn (James Franco). Spiderman/Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) finally get together. Though, he still faces the inevitable in facing three more enemies. But one night, his "costume" changes black and the ability to enhance his superpowers. As a result, the suit brings out an evil, darker, inimical side of him. Though, after becoming more egotistical, he abandons the suit. Eventually facing the villains. Also appearing in Spiderman 3 is Gwen Stacey (Bryce Dallas Howard) who is the new, love interest of Eddie Brock.

Here are some links for the trailers, information, and whatnot for the movie.

The Official Site
Spiderman 3 (2007)
A bunch of trailers and TV spots from Youtube
More trailers

If you have any more links, feel free to post them.

So, what are thoughts and opinions for this film. Excited? Disgusted?

Personally, I am pretty excited about this movie. Though, I seem to be excited with about every movie that comes out these days. I've already purchased my ticket from the movie next week, right after school.

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