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Zelly finished her patroling and went to a dark alley to change back into Bell. She saw an old man begging for money, and decided to give $50. She handed it over.

Oldguy: Oh thank you ZELLYBELLY!!!

Zelly froze and heard many approach her. The old man in front of her fell forward and his head fell off. A decoy. Of course.

She knew she was completly surrounded. No water nearby. Didn't wanna waste arrows. She quietly cracked her knukles.

Randomvillon: You're surrounded, ZellyBelly. Watcha' gonna do?

Zelly sighed and steped up to him.
Zelly: this.

She underkicked him and grabbed his leg, throwing him into the crowd. Another tried to grab her, but she dodged it and roundhouse kicked him. For about 2 minutes she kicked and killed and stunned each of them. Some of them ran, others were killed.

After the beating, she hopped off to another alley and changed into Bell. She noticed another hero not far off. She heard a man scream, ans realized it was DarkRyter. She hopped off, not wanting to be his next victom.

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