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Several unnamed men gathered around steve.

Steve quickly changed into his super form and armed himself with his 2 swords.

"That guy killed Magneto. Anyone who beats him will be a legend! Everyone get him!!!" screamed one man as they all charged toward DarkRyter.

5 minutes later.

50 bodies lie on the ground. DarkRyter is resting over them.

"your energy will make me a new weapon" as he drew blood from the dead bodies and concentrated it into a bow, which quickly disappeared.

"Looks like I need more kills. Hmm lets look at todays paper. New supervillian flying on giant bird invades city. Well, well. Aren't I lucky" said DarkRyter as a huge bird flew over DarkRyter.

DarkRyter shot his swords, chains attached, at the top of a building and flung himself high into the air. while in the air he shot one of his blade at the bird. he drew himself onto the bird and saw it's rider.

"Well, hello there." said DarkRyter with an erie tone.

"Ah. What are you doing here. the army's not supposed to come for a week." said the birdman.


"U know, the army of supervillains coming in. You're one of them aren't you?"


"Oh sh*t."

DarkRyter quickly disposed of the birdman and his bird. How? well, let's just say tommorows paper will read "Blood and guts rains from the Sky!".

"An army of them. Delicious." said DarkRyter as he reverted and went home.

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