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I listened to the The Force-Cast podcast adamqd linked to and took the liberty to transcribe the relevant portions.
"We're going to have a big presence from LucasArts. And we'll have some, they'll be two game announcements plus we'll see some really cool stuff from The Force Unleashed which is the next-gen game that will be out next year and the historical look at Star Wars games from LucasArts so that's going to be great." -Steve Sansweet
Time mark 34:29-34:50
Two game announcements, eh? I agree that one would think both would be SW games since Celebration IV is a SW convention but who knows? We know there are two unannounced games in development with Day One Studios and Free Radical. Perhaps LucasArts will use Celebration IV to announce what those games actually are. Will any of those two game announcements be KotOR-related though? Enquiring minds want to know but I guess we'll just have to wait for another month.
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