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Bell got a shower back at her apartment. After words, she walked out onto her moonlit balcheniy and stared at the sky. She figured if the big attack was tomarrow, she was gonna need help. She didn't want to get Dark because of the good chance of his bloodthirst going towards her. She was not in the mood to die. As for Ave, she was more of indopenant.

So, Bell figured she was alone on this. Still, it didn't hurt to ask. Much.

She converted and went to Dark's part of town, seeing him killing a guy.

Dark: Hehe. That never gets old

Another came behind him, whitch he didn't notice. Zell ran, blending in with the surroundings, to the guy. She snuck up behind him and pulled a Solid Snake on em: a slice to the throut. he fell, causing Dark to turn.

Zell: You're welcome. Now I have a little question. I need help with the villians tommarow. Care if I join your part of town?

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