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Zelly: Hmmmp. How very rude reverting and disappearing like that.

She stayed at her spot, but reverted to Bell. She closed her eyes to meditate when she heard rustling. Quickly, she turned to Zelly and slid to the edge of the building. Below, she saw a mob with torches. At the front was the leader: The Joker((lol)).

Zelly: oh fuk. this is bad.

*sigh* she krcked her knukles.

Zelly: Looks like they're lookin for a beatdown.

She umped into the crowd and stoped.

Joker: Well, well, ZellyBelly. How do. What an HONOR to
Zelly: Let's make this quick.
Joker: If you insist. ATTACK HER!!!!

The crowd plundged at her. In about 3 minutes, they were all gone. Besides the Joker, of course. He ran off, screeching.

Zelly: Well, that was fun.

She reverted to Bell, realizing one was left. He saw her true form.

Villian: Well, so Bell, it's been awhile. I mean, what, 3 years?
Bell: Who are you?
Villian: You don't remeber me? Your ex?

Bell froze and turned pale.

Bell: You're suposed to be dead! Why are you here Derek?!?(( ))

Derek: Cause I can. You know, I'm not that evil. Join me Bell. Together we'll rule this city and kill all.
Bell: No, I've changed! I'm not like that anymore.
Derek: Really? *sigh* You leave me no choice. I'll be here tommarow, and if you don't change your mind, your precious Dark and Ave will be dead.

He disappeared, leaving Zelly in angry tears. She fell onto her knees and sobbed.

Zelly: DAMMIT! Why did he come back?!?!WHY?!?

The rain pored down and she reverted back, hopping back home.

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