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Originally Posted by Darca Lar
Do you think she's saying Nihilus 'used' to be human? If so, then your whole theory is thrown into question.
Yes and no. Nihilus' body used to be human. More than that, I suspect this body may have belonged to the exile's master, because that would make for a strong force bond. Basically, when the exile's master died on Malachor V, the "dark echo" that the exile rejected went to this master and survived in his body. In a sense, it animated his body and used it as a host.

Isn't it odd that as much as the game focuses on the force bond between master and padawan, we never learn who the exile's master was before Malachor V?

Also, we know whoever Nihilus was, he was at Malachor V during that battle. Yet when he is killed, the exile tells Visas to get his mask, then asks her what she saw. Well, why doesn't the exile just look for himself? Unlike Visas, he might actually KNOW this person, since they both fought at Malachor V, so, what, he couldn't even be bothered to take a look? Why? I think it's because the exile already knew what he would see and feared it. And so he fled from the truth yet again.

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