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Kreia Immitation: Ah, yes, a strong magic indeed.

But I still think that maybe Atris was the Exile's master, if not Kavar. It would explain why she would have feelings for him if he was male.

But have considered what I said about the Exile taking off Nihilus's mask and seeing a DS version of himself/herself (if LS) or just seeing himself or herself (If DS)? Man, I'm going to have nightmares with that thought!

Nihilus: ;lkasdjoiwehjr;lkdjsf;laeishtlsafj (Subtitles; Exile, I am you!)

Exile: No! It's not true!

Nihilus: dhjsafiwuerhydfhjkaesrywiuefhwlaeiryh (Subtitles: You know it is true. I am your Dark Side counterpart! Look at my face!)


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