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Originally Posted by Lord Spitfire
Kreia Immitation: Ah, yes, a strong magic indeed.

But I still think that maybe Atris was the Exile's master, if not Kavar. It would explain why she would have feelings for him if he was male.
It's possible, I suppose. But it's never stated in the game, so it would never be more than speculation based on what we know so far, and frankly I doubt they were master and apprentice - while Atris either loves (male) or admires (female) the exile depending on gender, the exile doesn't seem to have an particular feelings towards Atris, which would be unusual for an apprentice.

Besides, Vrook mentions in the holorecorded discussion with Vandar that the exile's master refuses to discipline him/her - that sure doesn't sound much like Atris to me...

Originally Posted by Lord Spitfire
But have considered what I said about the Exile taking off Nihilus's mask and seeing a DS version of himself/herself (if LS) or just seeing himself or herself (If DS)? Man, I'm going to have nightmares with that thought!

Nihilus: ;lkasdjoiwehjr;lkdjsf;laeishtlsafj (Subtitles; Exile, I am you!)

Exile: No! It's not true!

Nihilus: dhjsafiwuerhydfhjkaesrywiuefhwlaeiryh (Subtitles: You know it is true. I am your Dark Side counterpart! Look at my face!)

[Jediphile smiles evilly to himself...]

EDIT: Oh, and thanks, Ztalker, for quoting what I said earlier, since it saves me the trouble.

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