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Weird things ive heard

This also isn't a tip.

I was playing on kashyyk (srry if i spelled that wrong) and I was Jango Fett. I was killing Clones when I heard a clone say this: "Jango Fett!!!............Can I have your autograph?

I just killed him laughing

Oh and another stupid thing. Sometimes I hear Grievous saying ROGER ROGER ROGER ROGER ROGER ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its pretty stupid.

Some other stuff.

Somerimes the Republic say "Damn the CIS scored!" on CTF
When I was in a Y-Wing I heard Imperial voices and rebel voices

Life is simple. I shoot you and you shoot me.

I am Optimus Prime-Optimus Prime(Duh!)

*Jazz walks out of swimming pool* "Are you the tooth fairy?"-Little Girl(Transformers)

Freedom is the right of all sentein beings-Optimus Prime

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