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Zelly: Good luck, Ave.

Ave left, and was out of sight in about 30 secs. Zelly gathered her things up and put them on. She turned back to Dark.

Zelly: Good luck dude. Don't die.

She was about to leave when she opened the door. Derek stood there, smirking. He had some sort of gun in hand.

Derek: Why, hello Zelly!!!How nice to see you again.
Zelly turned pale and cold, fear running all over her face. She went numb and glared evilly.


She showed rage that Dark never saw or Derek ever saw. She went berser and turned her wter sharper than any knife. She barely tapped his head with it and a deep cut went into his face. He frowned ngerly and pinned her to a wall, drawing out his sword. He stabbed her in the stomache.

She dropped everything and her face showwed pure shock.

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