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DarkRyter drew , for once, both his swords and pointed one at Derek.

Derek somehow teleported right behind Dark, as though he moved at light speed. Dark took off his black glasses and crumbled them to pieces revealing two strange eyes with red pupils and black where the white part would be.

"Flash steps. A rare skill for someone not born in the darkness." said Dark as he stayed still with Derek's sword right by his neck.

"Sharp eyes. Too bad, you would be a great asset. how about joining me, or you could die." said Derek as he readied his blade.

Dark suddenly disappeared.

"What the? Where are you?!" said derek when suddenly a cut 3 inches deep apeared on his shoulder and blood spurted out.

"AAAAHHH! You Bastard!" said Derek. Dark appeared around 6 meters behing him and flung his white sword still chained to his wrist at Derek. derek jumped to avoid the sword matrix style but Dark had shot his black sword right into Derek's stomach.

Dark drew Drek closer, sword still inside his stomach. Derek started to spit out blood.

"WTH are you?"

"I'm the DarkRyter, bitch." said Dark as he pulled out his sword and left Derek on the floor dead, while Zell was dying. Unfortunetly Dark was not a healer and left on his mission while zell lay there dying.

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