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As the shuttle jumped from hyperspace, it made it's approach towards a signal coming from the other side of the planet. Tepe was informed of this as well as of the recording recieved. As the pilot started approach on the large hunk of metal hiding behind the planet with many smaller objects identified as Rebel-class Assault Ships, a variation of the standard Battleship, Tepe watched the recording and smiled to himself. The Colonel entered the small room reserved for the Lord and saluted.
"My Lord, we're starting docking sequence with the Phasma. The Garrison has recieved a fresh group of troops. The Archeological Division has always gotten more people and machinery for it's use" the Colonel reported and looked at Tepe who was still smiling.
"Good. Arrange for the Garrison, new and old, to meet me and the Sith. After we have landed, they can continue with the change of Guards" the Lord said and looked at the Colonel, his smile fading slowly.
"And make sure our welcome will be appropriate for the leaders of a lost race. Dancers, music, art. Empty my private quarters if you must. And no robots. Everything must be done by living, breathing creatures" Tepe added, giving the Colonel a task that was very hard to do on such a short notice. It helped that he got the Lord's private chambers' art and such into his use, which would make it quite fancy, but he would have to dig up a lor of people who could play instruments and serve nourishments. Of course there were a lot of people around the Phasma who had such occupations, but all the hassle would just make it more difficult to handle.


The Sith fleet jumped out of hyperspace roughtly a day later due to their ancient hyperspace drives. The Sith leaders looked upon the planet where a large ship was already orbiting. The leaders, sencing finally where the power was coming from, were eager to land on the planet and their preparations were swift. Fortunately Tepe was way ahead of them. Knowing that they would be very eager to land, so everything was already ready. When the Sith launched from their ship onboard Charna's shuttle, of course with Charna herself onboard also. As they passed the Phasma, Tepe's shuttle joined them and led the way to the readied welcome party.

The shuttles landed and the hatches opened. Outside, rows and rows of soldiers in both armors and uniforms. Flags of both the Dominion flag as well as each company's emblem were raised as Tepe stepped out of his shuttle with his Guards and waited for the Sith to come out also before proceeding towards a Bantha-class landing ship prepared for them up at the end of the long alleyway made by the troops. Inside the hastily modified landing ship everything was as close to finished as it ever could be.

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