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Standard RP Profile

Since it's a waste of time to repost your character bio for your everyday RP, why not just leave it here, in this thread, to save you the trouble?

Example; I will just leave my bio here, so I don't have to in each and every RP thread I join:

Davinq’s LFRD RP Bio:

Name: Davinq, Dav (NOT ‘Davin’)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Personality: Slightly sarcastic with a good chance of rain, quick to stand up for those who can’t, very religious/spiritual.
Strengths: Very fast, skilled improviser, skilled acrobat/martial artist.
Weaknesses: Brussel sprouts, hott wiminz, homosexuals, choice between the girl or the world, etc.

Please note that if an RP requires a special characteristic (eg a superpower), it must be identified in that thread before you begin RPing, not this one.

1st edit: PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING IN THIS THREAD EXCEPT YOUR BIO (Discussion regarding thread allowed, but only in the same post as bio).

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