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Useful Player Stats

One of the biggest challenges I, or any other inexperienced mapper, face when mapping is that the 3D window is hardly fun to work with. It is great as showing what I have, but it's not so great at showing proper scale relative to the player. The end result is a room that is too small, or controls the player has to jump to get onto. Worse yet, something you intended to be unreachable except with Force Jump 3 actually can be done with Force Jump 2. Not what was intended, and usually ugly to boot.

I want to help with that.

In Radiant, I created a small room (256 x 600 x 600) with a Skybox because I'm claustrophobic. I then, using Photoshop to create some quickie textures, created The Wall. The Wall is a stepladder of blocks 8 units wide, 8 units deep, and 8X units tall, where X = what position the block is in the chain. The result is an accurate measure of how many units out and up something is from a central point of (0,0). It's not pretty, but it works.

Here's a screenshot of The Wall in all its glory:
Not the architecture of the century. Trust me, it's easier to see where one number ends and another begins when you get close to The Wall.

Using The Wall, I've collected a variety of information that can be used to help new mappers properly scale their creations to fit the player. So a crawlspace will actually be a crawlspace, and a catwalk will be accessible (not too high up) and usable (not too close to a ceiling).

Here's the list of things I have discovered:

Info on the player's size
Player's Height: 64 units
Player's Height(crouch): 40 units
Player's Width: 32 units

Straight up and down jump height
Jump height: 96 units
Force Jump 1 height: 160 units
Force Jump 2 height: 256 units
Force Jump 3 height: 448 units

Distance player can jump with Jump and Forward to max distance*
Jump distance: 96 units
Force Jump 1 distance: 136 units
Force Jump 2 distance: 208 units
Force Jump 3 distance: 472 units

Various acrobatic moves
Dive-Roll distance(somersault): 256 units
Height of run-up wall: 384 units
Distance of Back-Flip after run-up wall: 248 units

*Note: This measures max Jump distance only. Distance can be increased by holding Forward on the descent.
Below is a link to a place where, if you like, you can download the compiled BSP map (to get a picture of other figures) and a formatted copy of the information provided above. Just stick the .pk3 in your base folder and "devmap numbers" at the prompt in-game. (SP only; not exactly meant for actual gameplay)

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