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DarkRyter knew he had killed only a doll minion, but he had other things to worry about. In the distance , around 10 hours away, he saw an army coming with the eyes of darkness.

"Even cancerman could take out these losers." said DarkRyter as he looked through his binocular.


"Ha! I won again" said Doc Ock in excitement over beating the nega-chin in chess again.

"I should've never challenged an evil genius to chess. It's like you're cheating!" screamed the negachin.

"Ever since I escaped the crimson chin by fleeing to Vileville, I've been bored outa my wits! Think of what will happen when the army of Evil wipes out all superheroes!" said Nega-chin.

"Yes, but at least we'll be finally rid of every one of those lousy heroes."

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