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Ave awoke in a brick room. There was a table, a lamp, and a two way mirror. "Oh boy," She said alloud, "Interrogation." Then, two men in suits and shades walked in and sat opposite her.
"Rya Argus, if that's your real name, we're with the IVA: The International Villiany Association"
"I feel safer already." she said, one of the men reached out and slapped her. "BITCH!" She yelled, trying to punch him. It was then she realized she was tied to the chair by the hands and feet.
"Now, we want you to cooperate. We know you broke in here last night and stole our plans of invasion."
"When is it going to happen? Right now?"
"One week. Your friends are waiting for an army that won't be coming for 168 hours. We've got people on their way to terminate them. But we can stop them."
"Join us, as a villian. We will help you become stronger, and hone your powers. Our leader has already agreed to take you as an apprentice, if you say yes."
"And if I don't?"
"We'll kill you. Not quick and painless though."
"What kind of death are we talking about?"
"You will first succoumb to weeks of mideval style tourture. The rack, shackles, starvation. And if you don't die than, You will be decapitated in front of the entire villian socity. Your head will be placed on a pike and then, your friends will go through the same thing."
"What will happen to my friends if I say yes?"
"They will be spared, for now. Our leader is old and sickly. If you choose to kill him or if he dies, you take his spot as leader of the city, and the IVA. Than, you may do what you want to them."
"...Your offer intrigues me."
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