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nega chin? lol i remeber him

Zelly reached the river easily and saw the army preparing. Their leader was Joker. Of course.

She quietly walked in, not really doing anything. The joker noticed her on que.

Joker: N-no, not agin!!! KILL HER!!!!

Zelly was charged at and she dashed to the river. She began bending the water until it was sharp as a knife. She turned in circles, causing the demise of all of the villians. Next, was Joker. He paniced in fear.

She drew out an arrow and shot it at him. It was deflected. She realized they wern't alone. Out of the shadows came Derek, looking bored. She flinched and dropped her bow. Something bout him really paralized her. What? The fact he almost died? The fact it was her fault? No. She knew not.

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