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Originally Posted by stoffe
Hmm, I haven't noticed anything like that (but then I haven't tested it very much either ). Which image in particular would this be noticeable for?
The one I was working on was Scholar Ling's body texture (her outfit).

The image I converted has some dithering around the colored parts, but I actually now suspect that it isn't your converter that's causing it because a few of the images I converted from the ones that already come in the Override folder have dithering too.

I think it may just be because the game is using graphic files that were used on the XBox first. *shrug*

Originally Posted by stoffe
The TXB files contain compressed bitmaps which come in one resolution. The converter does not do any scaling, it just grabs the bitmap, decompresses it and saves it in TGA format instead. The resolution you get in the TGA is the one the TXB was saved in. Only vector graphics can be rescaled freely without image quality loss, bitmaps are fixed in size. You'd probably get better image quality if you use an image manipulation application like Photoshop, Paintshop Pro or GIMP than if I'd try to make the converter scale them up.
Yes, I am using Paint Shop Pro for these (plus everything else I do )

I tried scaling them up from 256x256 to 512x512, but because of the dithering it looked worse. I think I can fix it though, using my retouch tool.

Anyway, thanks for the converter!

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