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"We have a goal. Get more heroes, Destroy the army, Destroy Darth, Take back the city, Take back the world." said DarkRyter

"Did someone say disease of uncontrollable multiplication of cells!" said Cancerman who had appeared sitting next to Dark.

"What the? Who are you?" said Zell.

"I'm Cancerman! I felt the urge that I was needed."

"Well, what do you know. We needed some heroes. You want to help save the world." said DarkRyter.

"You got it!"

"So, what can you do?"

"hmm, Well, lets see. Well, heres someone alive" said Cancerman as he picked up somebody Dark hadn't completly killed.

"Hand of Heart Cancer!" screamed CM as he gave the poor guy heart cancer.

"Well, that's useful." said Dark."But we'll need more heroes. Alot more."

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