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Exclamation IMPORTANT!-Community!RP Rules, Regulations profile templates and such! READ!!!

Important! This thread contains the mandatory rules and standard procedures for our beloved Community!RPs, as well as the standard template for bios and a few notes on starting up your own Community!RPs. It's important you read this. Seeing as the rules are here, if you are starting up a RP, you dont have to post them.

So ... what is a Community RP? Community!RPs are special in that you play as yourself. As such, all us RDers have the chance to 'meet up' in the RP. OC's are acceptable too, though playing as yourself is highly encouraged.

Standard Rules:
1.It's encouraged to play as yourself in the RP. But an OC is acceptable too. Look at the Templates beneath the rules so you know what you MUST include in your profile. Profiles should be posted in the 'Standard RP Profile' thread. If the RP requires you write out certain things (eg: powers, job, etc), write them out on the RP, you dont have to edit your profile on the 'Standard Profile' thread, though you can if you wish to accomodate them there.

2.No god-modding or anything that gives you an unfair advantage. Exceptions to certain powers or abilities or weaponry and such shall be listed in the RP you wish to participate in. Items on your person are an exception, anything aside from your clothes and hair accesories and such, please list.

3. Don't kill another person's character off.

4. Dont use someone elses character in a way that can/will/would affect any plot thang we might have goin'. Only use someone elses character for dialog and action purposes and try to keep it minimal. You cant say, 'and then WOMG, Mayhem revealed that SHE was the alien queen!'

5. Dont try to start a romance with someone if the love-interest in question is against it. You can try to have the Nils thang goin and hit on all the fellow members of the opposite gender, but dont try for anything serious if the person doesn't like the idea. PM them ahead of time to make sure it's cool

6. Keep this within the rated 'T' category. Honestly, do we want risqué makeout sessions or cannibals eating us alive with their bare hands? Probably not, at least, I dont. If anything goes beyond pg-13, you'll be asked to tone it down. Worst Case Scenario; post gets edited/deleted, or you get banned from the RP. Banning of course denotes a death-sequence for you that either of the modz can write out.

7. DONT SPAM! Lets try to keep the RPs on topic

8. No bashing!!! Of course firnedly joking and such are fair-ground, but I trust you know when how much is too far.

9. If you have any exceptions, or extra rules and profile queries for your RP, please list them.

10. If you are starting your own RP, you must include scenario. A specific goal that should be accomplished should be mentioned along with it unless it's a 'freeforall' scenario (no specific goal/enemy/problem).

Profiles: Below is what you MUST include in your profile. Post your bio on the 'Standard RP Profile' thread.You can edit it to accomodate any extra profile queries the RP asks of you, or you can post them in your first post on the RP.

Name: (it's usually your nickname but whatevs.
Appearance: (you can link to a picture, post an image, or write out a description)
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