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Originally Posted by mjpb3
Wow! I would have figured with all of the seasoned modders here that surely someone would know how to mod NWN...

Oh well... Could a mod shut this thread down since I seem to be the only one interested? Thanks!
I've done a fair deal of Neverwinter Nights modding in the past, though it has mostly been scenario building, scripting and such, and a few new creature models and textures. It's been a couple of years since I last did anything significant though, so I've managed to forget much of it.

Unfortunately I don't remember how you add new player appearances you can pick at the start of the game, so I can't offer any useful advise on that. But if you haven't already I can recommend that you get and read through the NWN Custom Content Guide, it contains a lot of info on similar topics and might offer some insight.

(I'll leave the thread open in case someone else happens to know more.)
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