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Originally Posted by SyntheticGerbil
At least that one. I'm sure there are many shops out there with wild orgies and bondage equipment that has rail guns and David Bowie knives decked on top of them. Just like the movies!
Oh yeah....there are....One I used to goto...Uh...I know....As a "joke" too....Yeah Thats it...It had an "arcade" in the back.

No really, had a sign that said "Arcade" and everything. Not an arcade in the "Street Fighter 2" and "Space Invaders" sense, but in the "little booths with a door and a TV screen and a slot for dollar bills for playing porno, complete with a tissue paper dispenser next to the bench" type of sense...You can ask why I know what the inside looked like, but you can just assume whatever the hell you damn well want.
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