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((OOC - No, you have a choice of being any Star Wars Universe Character. If you choose one, you are still required to create an Original Character, whom Miracle referred to as an NPC. If you choose NOT to have a Star Wars Universe character, however, proceed to the NPC portion and create your character to use.))

Name: Strider Flamehart
Age: 4000+ Years
Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid
Appearance: Long black hair, red headband, Black pants with a black leather-padded top, a long red cloak/cape, 6'1", Blue eyes, light skinned. Athletic body build. (see signature pretty much)
Homeworld: Kyron (Original)
Rank: Sith Hunter
Equipment: Blue Lightsaber, two-bullet projectile handguns, and a custom made Cortosis-weaved Vibrosword
Bio: A legend in his own, Strider Flamehart is one of the few surviving Sith Hunters. Due to something unnatural, Strider has ceased aging since he was in his mid twenties. He has a very unique fighting style he developed on his own, and over the years has gained an impeccable reputation from those who know him to being near unbeatable. He's very strong and athletic, and very deeply in touch with the Force. His abilities span farther than most can understand, as he has experienced both the Light and the Dark Sides of the Force. A valuable asset, Strider agreed on behalf of his friendship with Skywalker to assist Lyla with the mission.


The automatic door to the practice room opened with a hiss, and two solid steps from a steel toed boot on the polished floor echoed softly in the room. The room grew quiet, as the padawans realized who had entered before them. They quickly bowed, and welcomed him in half respect, half intimidation of the man's presence.

"Good afternoon, Master Flamehart."

The Sith Hunter could only smile. "Is that how Skywalker instructed you to address me when I visit? At ease, padawans, return to your training, and next time, just call me Strider," he said with a friendly tone to the padawans, who he always made it a point to be friendly with to calm the fear his presence often inspired in the younger ones.

They nodded and returned to their practice. Strider walked around the room, his gaze now focused on Lyla's figure sitting on the bench. His eyes left hers momentarily to watch the students practice, then returned to her as he stopped before her and addressed in a kind tone.

"Skywalker told me about your mission, and then he told me this is where I could find you. I came to inquire if you needed perhaps some assistance or guidance with the mission, as I am willing to offer it for lack of anything better to do," he said with a grin to Lyla. It was commonly known fact around the Temple amongst the Jedi Knights that Strider's visits were a result of either nothing to do, or a desire to find something to do to help, and was often humorous the great lengths he would go to assist in something that would occupy his attention.

He asked if the seat next to her was taken, and when she responded, he quietly took a seat. "If you wish, I will help guide you, though I will not do the mission for you, otherwise that wouldn't help you in the least bit. I realize this is a serious matter and I want to ensure that everybody comes out of this okay," he explained.

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