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Originally Posted by mjpb3
I recently began playing NWN for the first time and I have been trying to understand how NWN is modded. Could someone PLEASE help a girl out and explain exactly what a few things are, how they work, and why hardly anything goes into the Override folder like I am used to doing with KotOR I and II?
NWN1 & 2 use a slightly more complex but IMO much better modding system than the KotORs use.

Files in Override will act everywhere for you - whether it's your own modules, the OCs, or some fan-made ones, anything in Override will work in them.

Hakpaks are meant to work only in specific modules (of your choosing) so you can avoid mod conflicts or having to do much 2da editing. If you have a hakpak that, say, implements the spell Wish, it will only work in the modules of your choosing. This helps avoid conflicts in how the Wish mod might be incompatible with something else you have, but will work only in the modules you pick and leave the other ones unaffected, and not require you to dump the other mod.

Modules have to go in the modules folder, just like they do in KotOR. Sometimes they're counted as campaigns (a long series of modules) and have a folder that needs to be put in the one for other campaigns.

Originally Posted by mjpb3
The number one thing I want to know is: how can I change my character's appearance and have it show up in the game without having to jump through a gazillion hoops to so...
What are you trying to change? If it's just clothes open up the toolset, tinker around a bit, (the one for NWN is very easy to figure out) and save them item file to Override or keep it in a module.

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