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Red face Kyaa! Hello! And a question for the old oldies

Hello! I can't believe how many names I still recognise here! =D

Well, I didn't know where else to turn, and so in my hour of need I thought of this place. Good times, good times.

To business! Here is my dilemma:
So I just recieved in the mail a copy of my favourite old game, Star Wars: X-Wing (original 1993!)
However, it didn't come with any booklet or instruction manual, and I can't for my life remember some of the more important controls. U_U
Example: Which button will divert power from shields/engines/laser cannons?
How do I recharge lasers?
And most important, how do I configure my controls?? >_< Like, I want to set throttle up and down to be usable on my joystick...

Woo! Thank you for any help in advance... ._.

Anyways, yay, it's fun to see this place again! ^_^ If anyone wants to know what I've been up to, I got married <3 went to Japan for a year, now we live *way* up north where it's light like 20 hours of the day (hurrah!), and we're currently trying to get back to Japan, or somewhere else. ^_^

Thank you all so much if you can help me with me with my plight! ^___^
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