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Lyla gave him a smile and nodded.

- "It's good to have you along, you've helped me so much in the past. Master Skywalker is a great master, he trusts us a lot. I don't know how the academy would be without him, and Kyle's constant sarcasm" - Lyla said chuckling when she said the last remark.

Luke came into the room and looked at both of them.

- "I'm afraid we could not dig up anymore information on the situation, the communication with Serenno is being blocked by some sort of jamming device" - Luke said.

Kyle walked in as well and looked at all of them.

- "And that only means these guys mean business. It's bad but at least I get to see some action around here again" - Kyle said in his usual sarcastic tone.

- "Everyone interested in assisting Lyla in her mission to Serenno can come forward and talk to her or Master Flamehart. May the force be with us all" - Luke said as he walked away along with Kyle.

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