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Question Map rotation, help!

hi, i have these change map settings in my server but when i start the server it doesn't begin with the first map, which is t1_sour it begins with the last one, map vjun3, and when vjun3 is finished it changes map to the regular maps, like mp/ffa1 then mp/ffa2 and so on, it skips the maps i have entered, does anybody know how i can fix this? really appreciate it

set g_autoMapCycle 1

map t1_sour
map t1_surprise
map t1_fatal
map t1_danger
map t1_rail
map hoth2
map hoth3
map t2_rancor
map t2_trip
map t2_wedge
map t2_rogue
map t2_dpred
map t3_rift
map t3_stamp
map t3_hevil
map t3_byss
map t3_bounty
map vjun1
map vjun2
map vjun3
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