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Name: Leilani Var

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Humanoid

Appearance: 5' 5" tall, shoulder-length sandy-blonde hair, golden brown eyes; tanned skin; lightweight, but incredibly strong for her size. She wears a dark brown, traditional Jedi cloak, but beneath that, she wears well-worn black leather battle armor.

Homeworld: Coruscant

Rank: Jedi Knight

Equipment: 1 dual-phase lightsaber, primary blade of normal length and dark green, secondary blade half normal length and violet

Bio: Leilani's past is known only to a few of the highest Jedi Masters. Her father was a drunk and her mother was addicted to deathsticks. By the time she was four, Leilani was on her own. Four years later, the Sith Hunter Reibe Vailar took notice of the eight-year-old because of her commanding presence, both in the Force and in person. At eight years old, Leilani was the leader of a small band of children, a few of them even up to six years older than she was. Reibe offered to train the girl, but Leilani would only agree if the children she led were given safe, loving families to raise them. Due to her vast informant network, Reibe was able to promise this and Leilani began training under Reibe.

Over the next eight years, Reibe trained Leilani rigorously, teaching her not strictly as a Jedi, but as a Sith Hunter might be trained if the Hunters were to recruit. Despite the girl's rough circumstances early in life, she did not fall fully to the Dark Side, even when Reibe began teaching her some of the 'darker' powers of the Force. Seeing this, Reibe was greatly impressed and wondered aloud at it.

"The Force is not merely an ally," Leilani answered calmly. "Nor is it a simple tool to be used. To achieve the balance requires a great deal of meditation."

Reibe agreed and was surprised to discover that the girl had done a great deal of meditation, even before she began her training. For this reason, she knew much more about the nature of the Force than the average trainee from the start. When Leilani turned seventeen, Reibe took her to the Jedi and presented her for Knighthood. As with other students of Reibe in the past, Luke Skywalker granted Leilani Jedi Knighthood.

Since her Knighting, four years ago, Leilani has proven herself to be a valuble addition to the New Jedi Order. Her trainer Reibe, on the other hand, has not been seen in four years. For this reason, Leilani occasionally finds herself hanging around Strider in hopes of hearing something about her former master.

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