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Strider smiled. A good question.

"I fear nothing but fear itself. Even the slightest sliver of fear can destroy everything and leave nothing but failure in its wake, and that's all there ever should be to be afraid of," he replied in a informal tone, then looked Horus in the eyes, his penetrating blue eyes looking like they could bore holes into Horus' mind.

"I understand your fears, however, I will counsel you this. Do not fear anxiety, nervousness, or most importantly, doubt. You are nervous because you worry you are not competent enough, and trust me, if you are a Guardian, you are quite capable of many great things. You are anxious because you are concerned you will not be taken. There is no reason we should not, your talent would be helpful. Lastly, you doubt because you are uncertain. Do not ever be uncertain. Be confident in yourself and your team's ability. The end result may not be what you envisioned previously, but always be confident in the team's ability to complete the task. Keep that in mind, it may make your fears easier to cope with, and possibly eliminate altogether," advised the Sith Hunter with a friendly tone. He did not want to make Horus feel that his answer was wrong, but merely comfort him that his fears were natural, but there were far greater things to fear and that his fears could be calmed by sheer will alone.

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