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Ave returned to the mirror, and examined herself. She looked different, more powerful. She liked this power, and found a way to use it. "JEFFREY!" She yelled! A henchmen walked into and said "Yes, commander?"
"I've got a mission for you and the army."
"Two things. One, we're postponing the attack on the city. Our troops need more training."
"Two, I want you to find ZellyBelly and DarkRyter, and bring them here. We need to have a war council. Restrict their powers and give them this." She handed the henchman a note she'd written.
"How will I restrict their powers?"
"With these." She tossed him a baggie. He looked inside and saw it was filled with pellets. "Toss them, and they will explode, releasing a gas that restricts advanced mental--stuff. Just throw it at them. Zelly will go down easy, she's already almost died 3 times. Just get your toughest men for Dark. Go find some hunters or super elites."
"Hello??? Halo series??"
"Oh right. I'm off!" He dashed out, leaving Ave to plot
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