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read what i wrote in the other forum and don't cross post please.

Originally Posted by acdcfanbill
That's not how servers work. You want to turn off the automap cycle, because that will just cycle the raven maps. Also, when you do all those map commands in a row, the server loads each map successively, ending with vjun3, which is why you see it as the 'first' map.

To setup a custom map cycle do something like this...


seta g_automapcycle 0

set map1 "map yourfirstmap; set nextmap vstr map2;"
set map2 "map yoursecondmap; set nextmap vstr map3;"
set map3 "map yourthirdmap; set nextmap vstr map4;"
set map# "map yourlastmap; set nextmap vstr map1;"

vstr map1


substituting in all the correct names and extrapolating out that pattern for however many maps you want.
edit: and while im on about that, try looking through threads before you post. this information was available here.

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