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Originally Posted by Master Dakari
Mmmmm... okay, but remember: Nihilus is dead by this point. Any connection that might have existed would have been gone. If the theory holds true, then the essence that was once fueling the empty shell that was Nihilus's physical form would have been absorbed back into the Jedi Exile, or it dissipated. When Nihilus dies, then there can no longer be a bond there, nor any abnormality that she would be aware of. For one, she is physically blind and would not be able to see the physical of Nihilus with eyes like yours or mine, so that leaves out one abnormality. Nor would she be able to sense anything unusual in the Force... because he is dead. He's gone. Poof, bye bye.
Alright, point taken.

Being able to see with the force is much greater than seeing normally (especially in regards to force connections). So, with prior knowledge of witnessing Nihilus' power and being around Nihilus long enough to get a "feel" for him; I believe Visas would have easily picked up on a connection between the Exile and Nihilus. Of course, Visas never mentions any sort of peculiarities between the Exile and Nihilus. Maybe because there are none? Or maybe because she felt it best for the Exile to find out himself? Who knows...
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