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Originally Posted by SirHaxALot
Being able to see with the force is much greater than seeing normally (especially in regards to force connections). So, with prior knowledge of witnessing Nihilus' power and being around Nihilus long enough to get a "feel" for him; I believe Visas would have easily picked up on a connection between the Exile and Nihilus.
Considering that Visas never ever mentions detecting the (unusually strong) force bonds between the exile and his companions, I don't think that is a very compelling point. For one thing, Visas should then have been able to give the exile far better insights into the unusual bond that exists between the exile and Kreia, yet there is no such comment in the game.

Another thing, note Nihilus does not just dissolve upon death. No, he lies about for Visas to examine and only dissolves when the exile and his companions walk away.

Also, Visas takes the mask, not the exile, yet only if the exile tells her to. Why can't the exile get the mask himself, if he wants it? And correct me if I'm wrong, but if Visas dies in that fight (because you sacrifice her), then you can't get the mask at all, since she is not there to collect, right? Now, why is that?

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