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Originally Posted by Master Dakari
Visas was speaking about the crude, dead, rigid body that was now lying on the floor. Kreia was not speaking about a flesh-and-blood man, but rather saying that Nihilus was no longer a man in the sense of consciousness, emotions, drive, HUMANITY. In essence, Kreia was saying that Nihilus was no longer a living being with a drive, a will, or a life of his own. His physical (flesh-an-blood) form was still present, but it was void of true life. He learned (through experience) Hunger at the Trayus Academy, but it eventually consumed him.

Many things that are said in the game can sound the exact same, all the while meaning two very opposite things. That's one thing I LOVE about the game. Because when it finally dawns on you... it dawns.
^^^ What he said is true for me aswell , I think this is one the best things about TSL . The way the conversations are fleshed out , the layers and understandings , even now this thread is a good example of how well some words where chosen .

In a way , this vision on the game of Jediphile , gives many anwsers , but Nihilus still stays this very unknown mystiry dark dude .

TSL is just lovenly depressing , not like K1 , with it's more happy approach .
Its like ESB against ANH ; both where great , but very different of atmosphere and feel.

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