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Before Leilani could even ask, Strider held up a hand and answered, "Nope, not a word." He smiled at her aggrivation, as he knew she hated it when he knew what she wanted before she asked it. "She's like that. She won't let us know anything unless she's going to be arriving soon to tell it to us herself. It's just how she is. Consider yourself lucky. She only has habits of disappearing for a few months. I disappeared for hundreds of years. Imagine waiting on me, why don't you?" he said with a grin. "I've got some matters to take care of before the mission starts, you should speak with Lyla."


When the two hours had passed, Strider came, well, striding out to docking bay right on time, which strangely enough, was unusual for Strider, who had a habit of making a fashionably late entry. Emukiel was always on time, however, and Strider wasted no time in walking straight up to him and with a jesting grin, said in a seemingly argumentive voice.

"So what if I'm bored again, old man? I'll have you know it's an honor for the Academy to have my free time!" he said with a grin. Emukiel knew all too well Strider was joking, and before he could answer, Strider returned to his normal tone.

"Activities have been quiet lately. I need something to do, you know how it is amongst us youngsters," Strider said with a smirk. He was four thousand years old, looked like he was twenty five, and still called himself young.

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