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Bell awoke in a big black room, sitting in a chair. She was restrined and she saw Derek pacing around the room.

Bell: Where am I?
Derek: Oh thank god, you woke up. I was so worried Jeffery tasered you too hard.
Bell: Hmp. So you still care. Back off, bitch.
Derek: Whateve. This is from Ave. Read it and weep.

He left the room and winked. She twitched and looked at the note. It said she needed to speak with Ave. Well then.

She was taken to a big throne room, noticing Dark being taen in, knocked out.

Bell: Dark!

She saw Ave in the throne and stood shocked. Derek was standing by her.

Bell broke out of the restrains and ran up to Ave, looking pissed. She stared at her for a sec. Then, she back handed her in the face.

Bell: WTF is with you becomeing evil?!?!?

She was grabbed by two shocked quards, and Derek stared at her wide eyed. He started toward her and spoke to the guards. Then, he took her by the arm and dragged her back. He whispered in her ear.

Derek: Don't toach the leader and you might escape here with your life. AND with your friends.

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