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Dav was confused. One minute, he was standing before a bunch of misfit superheroes who were entranced by his beautiful entrance. But the next, the sky was black, and his captive audience was nowhere to be seen!

Shrugging off his cape, he readied himself for a hyperjump, which is like flying, but cooler because you can jump and jump and jump over buildings, across lakes, etc.

With a mighty, superhero-ish leap, Davinq zipped up into the clouds, ready to face whatever evils he may face, in the name of life, love, and licorice.

Upon reaching what appeared to be a rather wicked fortress in the horizon (I'm assuming? Too lazy to read backwards). Upon approach, he was attacked by several Elites. With their weapons drawn, and outnumbering fifteen to one, against any ordinary Artemis, they would have uber-pwned.

But this was not your ordinary mythological descendant. Davinq had not only the ability to jump wherever he wanted, but he could walk on clouds by modifying his Earth-density to be less dense than the compact hydrogen. Hopping from cloud to cloud, he led his pursuers on a merry chase, just to warm up his somewhat rusty combat skills.

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